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Air Advice® Indoor Air Quality Testing

Find Out What Your Breathing.

So, what is the air quality in your home?
Now you can find out!

The Air Advice Indoor Air Analysis pinpoints key indoor air quality problems (IAQ) that can affect you and your family's health, as well as their comfort and safety.

Get the Test. 
Know the Facts. 

AirAdvice®’s unique technology analyzes the air 24 hours a day,
recording a sample every minute. The monitor is virtually silent.

You will receive a full color AirAdvice® IAQ  report that enables
you to “see” your home’s daily air quality. With the help of
Kelly Heating, you can determine what may be affecting your
home’s indoor air and when those changes occur. The report also
suggests ways to solve your air quality problems. We can work with
you to select the right solution for you.

Ask For the AirAdvice® Indoor Air Anaysis
For more information visit www.airadvice.com

To perform the AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™ Call Kelly Heating & Air.

We will send a professional to place an AirAdvice® IAQ monitor in your
home for three days to measure the air you’re breathing under real living
conditions.  Call for details

How The Air Advice Test Works

air advice graphs

Personalized, objective analysis • Large, easy-to-read graphs • Continuous readings, 24 hours/day











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