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Here are tips to help your air conditioner last as long as possible:



  • Have your home’s air conditioning system cleaned and service before the Summer season.

  • Add insulation to your attic.

  • Cover all exposed windows and weather-strip all doors and windows.

  • Keep programmable thermostats at 78 degrees (F) or higher when not at home (for each degree you raise the thermostat above 78 degrees, you save up to five percent on cooling costs). If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider purchasing one. It’s worth the investment.

  • Don't set your thermostat at a colder temperature setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling and therefore unnecessary expense.

  • Dust or vacuum the vents in your home often to ensure the free flow of cool air.

  • Invest in a good quality, pleated air filter designed to capture more dust and debris. Change it at least every month. Regularly replacing your filters will help your air conditioner operate smoothly.  Clogged or dirty filters block normal airflow and can reduce a system's efficiency over time.  

  • Whole house fans help cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic. They are effective when operated at night and when the outside air temperature is cooler than the inside.

  • Set the fan speed on high except in very humid weather. When it's humid set the fan speed on low. You'll get better cooling.

  • Consider ceiling fans to spread the cooled air more effectively through your home without greatly increasing your power use.

  • Don't place lamps or TV sets near your air conditioning thermostat.

  • Plant trees or shrubs to shade air-conditioning units but not to block the airflow. A unit operating in the shade uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun. 




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